How To Build A Laptop You Can Like

How To Build A Laptop You Can Like

Build Your LaptopBuilding your own laptop is a great way to save money while building the laptop you want. It takes some planning and dealing with some limitations, but once all is said and done, you will have a laptop that you can use for whatever purpose you need it for. You just need to have a solid idea of what you need, and some basic knowledge of computers and soldering, as well as access to the parts and a lot of patience. Allowing for that, however, if you want to build your own laptop it is somewhat easy.

There are a number of considerations to consider before you even start ordering parts. There are three basic builds that most laptops will fall in. The first is the portable gaming rig, which is usually the most powerful version; it requires a lot of processing power as well as powerful graphics capability. There is also the mobile graphics platform, which does not need quite as much processing power but it does need some decent graphics capability as it should be able to handle some high end programs; this laptop should cost the most, but mainly due to the cost of the programs involved. There is also the basic workhorse, a computer that can handle some graphics programs but is used mostly for web use and typing.

Once you have decided what you are building, you need to start buying the parts. The first thing you should look at is the case, as this will limit everything else. Find a case that will take as much damage as you can throw at it but is not too bulky for you to carry around. Also make sure that the screen has the resolution you need and that the power source works. The motherboard will be difficult to find, but that’s because it not only needs to handle your processing needs but also fit inside the case. It is also advised that a wireless modem be used so as to take maximum advantage of wifi hotspots. Once you have decided on the essentials, the rest should be easy to figure out.

The hard drive will be the subject of some interesting choices. Although laptop hard drives are just as powerful as those for desktops, there are more options. Some users take advantage of microSD cards as well as external drives in order to beef up their memory, allowing them to only take only the files that they need rather than all of their files. This means that users can have drives set up for individual projects or even general situations, and then just bring those drives. For those who have a number of different income streams, such as from a regular job as well as free lancing gigs, as well as possible student work, this can be a great way of keeping organized. However, this is no longer mandatory.

Once everything has been soldered in and secure, and the system tested to make sure it works, it can be turned on and used for the first time. Hopefully it work as well as you want and you have shown you can build your own laptop.